Chapter Index

All chapters of the novel non-Hollywood

Chapter 1: Life of an Actor

Chapter 2: Actress Career Contemplation

Chapter 3: Shadows in Short Film

Chapter 4: I Deserve to be Famous, Dammit

Chapter 5: Going Hollywood

Chapter 6: Actress, Agent, A Nice Meal and Some Other Stuff

Chapter 7: Zuma Beach

Chapter 8: Acting Classes, Oh Acting Classes

Chapter 9: How to Become a Rockstar

Chapter 10: Hollywood Education

Chapter 11: Look Like Your Headshot

Chapter 12: Networking, Part 1

Chapter 13: Stars on Hollywood Blvd.

Chapter 14: Professional Headshots

Chapter 15: Actress = Waitress

Chapter 16: No More Record Stores

Chapter 17: Cattle Call Audition

Chapter 18: Power Lunch is Better Drunk

Chapter 19: Jamming in F# Minor

Chapter 20: Is Dennys Hiring Actors?

Chapter 21: Late at the Pier

Chapter 22: Networking, Part 2

Chapter 23: Gangster Movie Pretty Criminals

Chapter 24: Dramatic Female Monologue

Chapter 25: Student Film

Chapter 26: Giving Up on Your Dreams

Chapter 27: Baby

Chapter 28: Not Really an Actor

Chapter 29: The $10,000 Movie Prop

Chapter 30: After-Hours Club: A Van

Chapter 31: Inappropriate Mustache Club

Chapter 32: The First Real Acting Job

Chapter 33: Epic Fail Film Set

Chapter 34: Four Track Analog Recording

Chapter 35: Terminated and the Terminator

Chapter 36: Indie Film or Film School?

Chapter 37: Straight to Video

Chapter 38: Social Commentary in Documentary Film

Chapter 39: Day Jobs for Creative Types

Chapter 40: The 40ish Male Model

Chapter 41: Unlikely Celebrity Stalkers

Chapter 42: Dreaded High School Reunion

Chapter 43: Call My Agent

Chapter 44: Smoke 'Em if You've Got 'Em

Chapter 45: Happy Friggin' Birthday

Chapter 46: Exam

Chapter 47: Screenplay Too Smart

Chapter 48: Danny Trejo Fan Club

Chapter 49: Street Shakespeare

Chapter 50: Valley Lights

Chapter 51: Filming the Desert Scene

Chapter 52: Actor's Abs to Flab

Chapter 53: Career Success… of Others

Chapter 54: Associate Producer Credit

Chapter 55: Empty Space

Chapter 56: Beautiful and Young

Chapter 57: The Acting Coach Gives Up

Chapter 58: 40-Something Vampire

Chapter 59: That's a Wrap!