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Women of Indie Music - 2015

SEPTEMBER 1, 2015 -- Have you ever noticed how a large portion of the great singer-songwriters are women? We sure did. That's why we spent a whole lot of time (some might say an obsessively long, too long, amount of time) combing the internet in search of fantastic independent female artists. The result? Probably our best list yet. Introducing nonhollywood's list of the 50 best Women of Indie Music.

Take a listen now, thank us later. Read More »

Our Top 10 Independent Music Picks (August 2015)

AUGUST 1, 2015 -- For some people, indie music is the only way to go. As you know, we here at nonhollywood are most definitely into indie. There really is nothing more exciting than artists forging their own creations the way that they want to forge them (and many of use would much rather see our money going to these artists rather than to some giant corporation and the corporate musicians that they create).

But it is always tricky to find the really good stuff out there. That's why we compile this list each month of what we feel are 10 really great indie musicians who are worth checking out. Have a read (and a listen) through the article and let us know if you agree. Read More »

The Best Covers of...

You might say that this is the golden age of the cover song. With the sudden access to sites like Youtube, millions of talented folks are out there interpreting their favorite songs and gaining an audience by doing so. We at nonhollywood get a little obsessive about some things, and one of those obsessions is scouring the internet for independent artists who are doing a killer job interpreting the songs of others. Join us as we review a wide array of great covers of some great songs.

Some of the great bands we've found great covers of...


How many bands over the last 3 decades have taken REM as their role model and a mapbook to where they want their careers to go? Quite a few, we can tell you that. Read More »

The Cure

From gigantic, gothic and somber to silly love songs, The Cure has covered all of the ground and inspired a ton of bands in the process. Read More »


Passion incarnate, Bono and company are one of the few bands from the 80s still very much relevant today. Read More »

Yes, we went there...

Though some may feel that the 80s was potentially one of the cheesiest decades in music history, there is still no doubt that there was some seriously great music created in that time period. Join us as we try to prove that to you. Read More about 80s Music here »

The 33rd Year - A Novel

--A powerful novel highlighting the bitter struggles and the costs of gaining enlightenment. Not just an intellectual exercise, but one hell of a good read."

The 33rd Year -- A Philosophical Novel

Available now at major booksellers, The 33rd Year, is the wildly unique story of a fractured mind seeking enlightenment. Drawing comparisons to other literary and philosophical novels such as Zen and the Art of Mortorcycle Maintenance and Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, The 33rd Year follows the struggles of a man trying to find something more in a world not set up to allow it.

From the back cover: What is the path to enlightenment? Biblical characters used to roam the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. Nietzsche's Zarathustra lived in a cave. Buddha shed all of his possessions. But how in the world could this be achieved now, in a time when deserts have sprouted into cities, caves are all in national parks and any child who can walk carries a cell phone? In The 33rd Year, Neal A. Yeager paints a picture of one man's difficult and unique philosophical quest--its rewards and its costs. This is a book about the search for... something.

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