Nonhollywood is a novel and audiobook about four strangers -- an actress, a producer, an actor and an independent filmmaker -- each trying to find a way into the world of Hollywood. A new chapter of nonhollywood appears each Tuesday. It appears here in text form and as an audiobook presented in podcast format.

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There is a new chapter of nonhollywood published each Tuesday. If you're new here, then start at chapter one.

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Neal has also written another novel, entitled The 33rd Year, which is available at Amazon. Click here to purchase it or go to to read some of the reviews.

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If you are the type who loves audiobooks, or even if you just want to add another dimension to your reading experience, you can hear nonhollywood read by the author, Neal A. Yeager, by going to the podcast (which you can also find on iTunes).

Merchandise We also have some great merchandise based on nonhollywood. Our most popular product (even being purchased by people who haven't read the book) is a T-shirt which boldly proclaims one of the main character's catchphrases: "I Deserve to be Famous, Dammit."

Nonhollywood and its Characters

Each year, people flood into L.A. hoping to make their mark in show business. A few achieve their dreams, most don't. Nonhollywood is the tale of 4 souls embarking on this adventure...

Sarah has the unlucky status of being one of the hardest sells in Hollywood: a phenomal actress, but one who unfortunately doesn't look like a model.

Sean wants to produce and believes that connections are everything. He'll do anything he can to get next to the power players and crash the hottest Hollywood parties.

Terrance is living the actor's life. He's got the A-list movie star looks, but for some reason he's having trouble making things click.

Icon is a young independent filmmaker. Though she has a keen artistic vision and a drive to make her films happen, she is extremely shy and has a real problem with the necessary shmoozing.

Neal A. Yeager is a prolific and ecclectic creative person. As an author he has not only nonhollywood to his credit, but the novel The 33rd Year as well. As a singer/songwriter he has garnered a fair amount of attention for his album Sparse, which includes the internet radio hit "Tesseracts and the Rosetta Stone" and his latest album entitled The Last Gasp of Juan Diego del Fuego, as well as an earlier stint with the band Casual Rebels. Years ago he wrote, directed and acted in the indie film Venice Disciple and is currently writing a film musical which is planned to shoot in the summer of 2013. Find out more about him at